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» le reguin ne mange pas toujours le licorne; il aime magiciens aussi.
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this is good bye! [Sun 18 Apr @ 11:15am]

I'm not going to be uploading any more music to this community. From now on, I'm just going to post it to my personal journal because I don't feel like keeping up with this one. You can comment on my friends only post and ask to be added if you wish, but please only do so if you feel we might have something in common. ♥

Posts won't be deleted or anything, don't worry.
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NOTICE [Wed 28 Oct @ 7:01pm]

In order to better monitor who is downloading what, likedelicates is members only until further notice. Additionally, as I mentioned before, there is a good chance future uploads will be password protected. Members will need to comment in order to receive the password, thus allowing me to see who is taking the music in this community. 300+ anonymous downloads is ridiculous. Thanks for understanding.

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album dump [Sun 19 Jul @ 10:54am]


Sparks the Rescue - Eyes to the Sun
genre: pop rock

New Young Pony Club - Fantastic Playroom
genre: electro

Watchout! There's Ghosts - Ghost Town
genre: dance rock

The Hood Internet - Mixtape Vol. 1
genre: electro

Owl City - Ocean Eyes
genre: electronica

As always, comment if taking, please. And the RIAA asks you delete these albums after 24 hours of downloading. If you like the music, buy the album!
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